Hey there! Thanks for checking out orangešŸŸ ! If you're interested in helping out, please ping Alexei or Topias in #general or #tech.

Welcome to project orangešŸŸ  .

orangešŸŸ  is 332's new ecosystem for web applications and Discord bots.

The orangešŸŸ  stack

The ecosystem consists of many services, apps and modules that all work together to provide a good experience both for the user and the developers maintaining the project.

Currently*, the ecosystem is made up of 3 distinct modules:

orangešŸŸ  Bot

orangešŸŸ  CRS

orangešŸŸ  Dash

* orangešŸŸ  Bot is in active early development and orangešŸŸ  Dash is a planned future module.

Some facts about the stack

orangešŸŸ  CRS is the Code Runner Server that currently powers the legacy 332 bot's ./run command.

orangešŸŸ  Bot is the new bot that will replace the current implementation of the 332 bot.

orangešŸŸ  Dash is the future control panel of orangešŸŸ  Bot.

Open source software

All components of orangešŸŸ  are licensed under the 3-clause BSD open-source software license. (See opensource.org for more info.)


What is orangešŸŸ  exactly?

orangešŸŸ  is the name given to the new ecosystem of web apps, services and the new 332 Discord bot that is being developed.

Why is it called "orangešŸŸ "?


Who is behind this?

The orangešŸŸ  project was started by Alexei. The lead developer is Topias.

How do I help out?

If you're interested in helping out, please ping Alexei or Topias in #general or #tech and we'll discuss what you can do.

Where are orangešŸŸ  services hosted?

orangešŸŸ  CRS is currently hosted on DigitalOcean (London, UK) but will be migrated to Oracle Cloud (London, UK) in March 2024. Other services are not yet available.